We often get asked many questions about our product. Therefore, we have gathered the most commonly asked questions so it will be easier for you to get answers to what you are wondering about. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.

Who can use Gunalight?
Everyone can use Gunalight. It is harmless to both humans and animals. Remember to follow our recommendations regarding time and frequency of use. Gunalight uses a wide-spectrum white light of about 7,5 lumen which doesn`t cause any radiation hazards or any hazards to the skin. By comparison, the sun gives about 100,000 lux on a sunny day and about 30,000 lux on a grey day. A well lit office gives about 400 lux and last but not least we can compare it to the moon which gives about 0.5 lux.

Is Gunalight a completely new product on the market that the world hasn`t seen before?
Yes, this is a new product invented and developed by a Norwegian Jan Fredrik Solberg from Kristiansand. Gunalight was patented in 2019.

Can I use Gunalight on myself or others without harmful side effects?
Yes, if you follow our guidelines for use, it is completely unproblematic to use it on yourself or others. In fact, we encourage you to help your family and friends through the use of Gunalight.

How many times do you need to use it for the product to work?
It depends on the problem and the person using it. We encourage you to read our customer histories and see what their experiences are. We recommend daily use for best results…remember that ALL use is better than no use, some of our customers have had good results after only a few times.

Is Gunalight the same as acupuncture and acupressure?
No, Gunalight is a new and unique product without serious side effects. However, the product builds on the same principles as acupuncture and the use of the body`s meridians. Through the use of several key points, energy is able to thus flow freely throughout the body.

Is it important that I use the key spots that are recommended?
Yes. There should not be any problem finding them. We have described, illustrated and filmed the key points in the body under the instruction manual.

Why should I use the key spots that are recommended?
The points are the input keys to the bodys main meridians. Read more about what our customers have experienced in our customer histories.

How many times can I use Gunalight before a battery change?
Gunalight uses two triple A batteries. When the light in Gunalight starts weakening, it is time to change the batteries. New batteries last for many hours.We only recommend using alkaline AAA batteries.

Is there a warranty on the product?
Yes there is a 2 year warranty according to EU law. We repair and replace products that are still under warranty. We do not replace products that have not been treated properly. Remember that Gunalight is an electronic product and must be handled with care.

Is Gunalight a medical instrument?
No. We have chosen not to make Gunalight a medical instrument. We want everyone to be able to own and use the product anywhere and everywhere as the product is portable and weighs about 100gr.


Gunalight cannot fix EVERYTHING!! For example It cannot repair fractures, torn muscles, tailbones or any other mechanical problems in the body that need medical attention.