What is Gunalight?
Gunalight uses meridians. Meridians are invisible channels in the body that energy circulates through. When energy flows freely through these meridians, the body is balanced and healthy. If the energy is blocked, stagnated or weakened, it may result in physical, mental or emotional changes in health. Imbalances may be due to problems in either the physical or emotional state. Gunalight can counteract these imbalances. Gunalight filters light through the use of a crystal thus creating energy that then stimulates various key points on the body. 

Light can improve blood circulation. Many physiological processes can be improved as a result of increased blood flow. Light can create energy waves that can increase the production of antibodies and reduce inflammation.

Adequate amounts of oxygen are vital for good health. The cells in the body are dependent on oxygen. The oxygen provides movement in the body and allows it to heal itself via cell renewal. If the tissue becomes saturated with oxygen, it can strengthen the white blood cells that can help fight bacteria. Oxygen also stimulates the release of chemicals that can create blockages in the bloodstream and can thus stimulate tissue renewal.

We need light and energy in order to live. World famous scientist Albert Einstein proved that the body consists of energy. 

When we are sick or about to become it, the amount of energy in the body is reduced.  

Gunalight has the same nanometer as photosynthesis in nature.

Light intensity of about 7.5 lumens.

And there is white light that contains all colors.

Gunalight uses a 100% natural round rock crystal as a lens.

Gunalight filter white full spectrum light, enabling your body to react in a balanced and beneficial way.